Six Noble Tonic Pills - Xiang Sha Liu Jun (Inflammation, Acid Reflux, GERD, Bloating)


Xiang Sha Liu Jun (Six Noble Tonic) is a one of the most popular and well-regarded classical formulas in the Chinese medicine canon. It contains a core of herbs including citrus sinensis (Chen Pi or aged tangerine peel), pinellia root, amomum and cyperus root that relieve acid reflux, GERD, bloating, gastritis, inflammation, gastric ulcers, and flatulence. It’s also recommended for addressing damp-cold. However, unlike our other formula, Xiang Sha Yang Wei, this formula further addresses "deficiency" (in Chinese medicine terms) for those who experience additional symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, less formed stools, constantly feeling cold, and/or lack of appetite. It's also become popular in recent years within biohacking circles for its ability to reduce inflammation.

Unlike biomedical drugs, which only suppress stomach acid but fail to treat the underlying causes, Chinese herbal medicine addresses the root of the disease, targeting the deficiency, stagnation, and inflammation which are the actual causes of reflux.

This formula first appeared in the early Qing Dynasty medical reference book by Luo Mei, Gu Jin Ming Yi Fang Lun, “Ancient (and) Modern Famous Doctors’ Formulas Discussion” published in 1675.

Xiang Sha Liu Jun targets inflammation (“internal heat” in Chinese medicine terms) and bloating using citrus sinensis and pogostemon, herbs with strong anti-inflammatory capabilities--citrus sinensis also relieves bloating and increases motility. It also includes licorice root and ginger, herbs renowned for their anti-inflammatory effects. And unlike our other (similar) formula, Xiang Sha Yang Wei, this one also targets deficiency with the addition of codonopsis root, an herb similar to ginseng commonly included in formulas to help build vitality.

This formula increases cholecystokinin, a peptide responsible for stimulating the digestion of fat and protein. Numerous studies show this formula's ability to improve digestion and relieve dyspepsia--a 2015 study showed that it effectively alleviates the symptoms of functional dyspepsia by regulating brain–gut axis and the production of neuropeptides. 

Instructions: Take 8 small pills 3x a day with warm water.