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Traditional Chinese Medicine is the oldest continually used system of medicine in the world, and for over 5,000 years, Chinese medicine practitioners have used all-natural formulas to treat countless human ailments. Herbal medicine is used in many nations around the world, but the practice in China is the most extensively documented and catalogued by far.

The Eastern Philosophy started out as a passion project on Instagram in late 2019 as a place to share my long-form science and history-based research on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese culture. Having been born in China but raised in the US and Europe, I felt there was an under-served population in the West that wanted to learn more about Traditional Chinese Medicine, but supported with scientific research whenever possible, and also paid homage to the rich culture of Ancient China. Each post took up to 8 hours to research and write, and the account quickly became a favorite resource for Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, acupuncturists, and even TCM colleges. (You can explore some of these posts, as well as new posts, over on the Blog section of this site.)

Separate from all of this, I had been making fresh ginger-jujube-goji tea paste, a Traditional Chinese Medicine remedy for immunity, anti-inflammation, and anti-aging, using a traditional recipe my mom taught me. I had given a few jars to friends as gifts, and one friend suggesting I start selling it so she could have a year-round supply. My ginger tea paste soon got featured by Coveteur and Cap Beauty Daily, and as people began requesting remedies for other ailments, I started offering a small curated selection of my favorite Traditional Chinese Medicine remedies.

It has only been little over a year, but I'm grateful for your interest in my content and my products. Thank you for visiting my site and exploring The Eastern Philosophy.

In health,