Bi Yan Pian Pills (Sinus Congestion)


Our favorite all-herbal formula for sinus congestion and phlegm, that also targets allergies and hay fever symptoms including allergic rhinitis, nasal congestion, itchy and watery eyes, sneezing, and itchy skin. This formula is designed to relieve even serious nasal congestion, including from sinus infection. This formula is best for those with thicker yellow or green phlegm.

Bi Yan Pian is based on a classic formula first seen in a 13th century medical text, “The Life-Saving Formulas of Master Yan.” It features the classic Chinese medical herbal pairing of Magnolia Flower (Xīn yí) and Cocklebur Fruit (Cāng ěr zi), which are anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy, curbing histamine release and helping restore normal fluid circulation through the nose. They also have antimicrobial properties, exhibiting a strong inhibitory effect against bacteria and viruses. Magnolia flower buds is used exclusively in Chinese medicine to treat sinus congestion and sinus headaches—it unblocks nasal passages and thins mucus. 

GMP-certified. Contains artificial coloring (manufacturer uses color differentiation to avoid cross contamination with other pills).

Instructions: take 3-4 capsules 2-3x a day, as needed.