Tea Basket: Lemon Chrysanthemum Dianhong Tea Oranges


We have sourced a limited quantity of these delicious Chrysanthemum Dianhong tea oranges infused with Sicilian Lemon! Dianhong translates to “Yunnan red tea“ and is a high-end black tea with a greater percentage of golden buds or golden tips compared to regular black tea. This results in a smoother tea with low bitterness and low astringency, with a slight citrus freshness from the lemon infusion.

Each tea orange is topped with a chrysanthemum flower, a Chinese medicine herbal ingredient for clearing heat and reducing inflammation. The mandarin tea orange itself is also medicinal—known as Chen Pi, translated as “aged peel.” Chen Pi has been extensively studied in research trials and found to promote blood circulation and help protect against chronic heart failure, liver injury, and cancer.

First appearing in the classical medical text Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing, recorded between 206 BC - 220 AD, Chen Pi has been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine. It is most commonly recommended for digestive problems, which is why it’s an ingredient in our digestion-improving formulas Xiang Sha Liu Jun Wan and Bao He Wan.

Each tea orange can be re-steeped repeatedly and yields at least 5 servings. Packaged in giftable and reusable traditional hand-woven tea baskets, around 200-220 grams.


  1. Remove paper wrapping and top lid of orange. Crack the outer shell of the orange with your hands
  2. Place your tea orange into a cup, then pour boiling water directly over the orange. Allow the tea to steep for 2-3 minutes
  3. Remove the tea orange to avoid over-ssteeping and enjoy your tea

Note: You can repeat the above steps and stwo this tea orange throughout the day. 1 tea orange offers at least 5 servings.