Bundle: Pure Cordyceps and Reishi Cracked Spores Capsules


Note: We only ship this within the United States. Customers outside the US can place orders through our supplier’s international site here

One each of Eu Yan Sang’s Cracked Spores Plus and Pure Cordyceps capsules: save when you buy this bundle. For more information on each medicinal, read our product information here: Pure Cordyceps and Reishi Cracked Spores.

Heavy metal, microbe, and pesticide-tested for 409 pesticide residues.

  • Manufactured in Eu Yan Sang’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice certification by TGA of Australia) – quality and safety assured.
  • Compliant with EYSGAP-Herbs certification, which assures food safety and traceability at every stage of the supply chain (independently audited by a subsidiary of Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore, which is even more stringent than organic certifications

About the Manufacturer: Singapore-based Eu Yan Sang is one of the oldest and most respected Traditional Chinese Medicine companies in the world, recognized for its high quality and industry-leading innovations. Founded in 1879 by Eu Kong, the company has maintained its original mission of "Yan Sang," translated as "caring for mankind," for over 140 years. With several Good Manufacturing Practice manufacturing facilities, including in Hong Kong and Malaysia, it also maintains over 170 shops across Asia, as well as 30 TCM clinics in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and China.

Caution: For pregnant/breastfeeding woman and children, please consult a physician or TCM practitioner before use.