Snow Fungus Soup Pack: Accompanying Herbs


This includes all the herbs (plus rock sugar) needed for making snow fungus soup: high quality lotus seeds (40g), lily bulbs (20g), goji berries (24g), jujubes (55g), and rock sugar (40g), in two ready-to-use bags.

These are all high quality ingredients. Quantity included is enough for making two large batches of soup.

Stovetop instructions: Boil half a pot of water, then add snow fungus (1/2-1 whole flower will suffice), lotus seeds, lily bulbs, jujube & rock sugar.

Cover and simmer for 1.5 hours then add goji berries. (Optional: Add a sliced up fresh Asian pear.) Cook for an additional 30 minutes, then serve!

This can also be made in a slow cooker overnight. Add goji seeds in the morning and allow to cook until soft, about 30 min to an hour.