Bak Foong Pills (Menstrual Cramps, Infertility, Anemia)

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This is a vegetarian, heavy metal-tested version of a bestselling formula called Bak Foong Pills, from Singaporean brand Eu Yan Sang. Also known as Baifeng Wan in Mandarin, it is a general tonic for alleviating menstrual disorders and other blood deficiency syndromes (such as fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, poor memory), as well as for treating yin deficiency syndromes (such as dry mouth and throat, flushed cheeks, and perspiration at night) and low libido.

This has been the go-to herbal formula for centuries of women struggling with menstrual pain and infertility, and it also provides blood-building and adaptogenic effects to combat anemia and stress. It is known as Bak Foong pills (Cantonese) or Baifeng Wan (Mandarin).

Bak Foong pills feature a balanced, multi-action formulation that serves as a constant aid to women in all stages of life, promoting a healthy, painless menstrual cycle, increasing fertility, strengthening the body, and even mitigating the effects of menopause.

In terms of menstrual pain, a 2019 study performed at Universiti Sains Malaysia found Bak Foong to have an analgesic effect comparable to many painkillers—not surprising given Bak Foong features herbs such as Corydalis Yanhusuo, with powerful science-backed analgesic effects.

Women are over 3x more likely than men to suffer from anemia due to monthly menstruation. Bak Foong’s blood-building effect derives primarily from the blood-boosting herb Angelica Sinensis and the adaptogen Astragalus (which form the famous formula Danggui Blood-Supplementation Decoction, a pairing scientifically proven to mitigate many forms of anemia).

Baifeng Wan has also been studied in clinical trials for women with infertility. In a 2013 clinical trial of 89 infertile women, Baifeng Wan demonstrated a 90% success rate. Master physician and nationally recognized gynecology expert Guo Zhiqiang also especially recommends Baifeng Wan as a herbal supplement to support fertility.

The Empress Dowager Cixi, one of only two women to ever rule China, is known to have been nursed back to health by taking Bak Foong pills after succumbing to the physical and psychological stress of running a vast Chinese empire while simultaneously having to fight off challengers to the throne, likely aided by Bak Foong’s inclusion of the powerful adaptogenic ingredient Red Ginseng, well-known for its immunomodulatory, cardiotonic, and anxiety-suppressing properties. Bak Foong pills are an excellent general tonic for modern women who, like Cixi, face challenges on all fronts.

Instructionstake the contents of one sachet once per day with warm water, ideally after eating (those experiencing menstrual cramps, take 2-4 sachets per day). The mini pills are designed to be easy to swallow.


Dong Quai (root)
Processed Cyperus (root)
Poria (Fu-ling)(fungal body)
Processed Corydalis Yanhusuo (root)
Chinese Mugwort (leaf)
Chinese Amomum (fruit)
Astragalus (root)
Processed Chinese Motherwort (aboveground parts)
Ligustrum (fruit)
Magnolia (bark)
Bai-zhu Atractylodes (root)
Processed Sichuan Lovage (root)
Phellodendron (bark)
Processed Polygala (root)
Ophiopogon (root)
Eucommia (bark)
Chinese Peony (root)
Processed Fo-ti (root)
Morinda (root)
Rehmannia (root)
Epimedium (leaf)
Peach (seed)
Flax (seed)
Asian Ginseng (root)
Cinnamon (bark)