Baifeng Wan - Veg (Menstrual Problems)


This is the vegetarian version of a classical Chinese formula called Baifeng Wan, a general tonic for alleviating menstrual disorders and other blood deficiency syndromes (such as fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, poor memory), as well as for treating yin deficiency syndromes (such as dry mouth and throat, flushed cheeks, and perspiration at night). It comes in small honey pills, packaged in a ball sealed in wax for freshness.

How to take: You take the contents of one wax ball a day (those with severe symptoms can take 2 balls per day). Each contains about 30 mini pills (yes, all of these together equal one dose). Studies have shown this is most effective if taken starting from the day your period ends for 5-10 days; however, you may also take it during your period to relieve symptoms (cramps, for example). I prefer to split the dosage into two, one after lunch and one after dinner. The herbal pills are small and easy to swallow with water (you can take many at a time with a sip!). To open the ball, you can find the "equator" and squeeze hard along the line with your hand, or gently step on the ball until it cracks open.

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