Bobo Tea Pot - Heat Resistant Glass Teapot with Side Handle


This unique tea pot is designed with a side handle, allowing for convenient one-hand tea making. It is made of borosilicate glass, which is lead-free and can withstand temperatures from -50℉ to 300℉. The tea pot is dishwasher and stovetop safe, although we recommend keeping heat settings at low or medium-low. Unlike most sellers of teapots, we ship from within the US.

This three piece kyusu-style tea pot comes with a lid and strainer, conveniently separating the brewing tea leaves from the ready-to-drink tea in the kettle, allowing the user to heat the water and steep the tea in the same vessel while controlling the level of brewing. The strainer has a total of 12 thin slits at the bottom to allow water to pass through while keeping tea leaves away.

To clean, simply wash in the sink after steeping (or put pot in dishwasher—we don’t recommend adding the lid to the dishwasher because of its small size).

A set with 4 borosilicate flash cups is also available.

While other similar styles of teapots are small and only fit one cup of tea, this one is much larger and can hold 17 fluid ounces or 500 mL of water (over 2 cups). Approximately 8” by 4.5” by 3".