Bu Nao Wan - Brain Repair Tonic Pills (Brain Fog, Focus, Memory)


A highly recommended formula in Traditional Chinese Medicine for improving cognitive function, this is an all-herbal remedy used to sharpen focus, boost memory, clear brain fog, calm hyperactivity, and reduce irritability. This formula is also recommended for certain types of tinnitus"Bu Nao Wan" can be translated as "nourish the mind." NOTE: This version of this formula is not vegan (a similar formula we stock that is vegan and coloring-free is Jian Nao Wan).

This ancient formula is a favorite among students in China, as well as seniors experiencing cognitive decline. It's also regularly used by stressed-out younger professionals. Note that this is not a stimulant.

Bu Nao Wan contains a variety of herbs with demonstrated neuroprotective effects, as well as improved sleep regulation properties. One of the active ingredients in this formula has also been shown in animal studies to reverse cognitive decline: "Standard neurological tests indicated that YZD (Yuanzhi, also known as Polygala) significantly restored the impaired cognitive function after BCCAO in a dose-dependent manner" (Liu, et al 2020).

Another ingredient, schisandra, has been shown in research trials to improve concentration, with trial participants producing more accurate, higher quality work. Clinical studies on schisandra that focused specifically on students, doctors, and soldiers reported superior mind-sharpening properties.

An active ingredient in this formula is dragon bone (fossilized animal bone), a classic TCM ingredient rich in trace minerals and considered one of the best natural remedies for relieving stress and calming the mind. Dragon bone received a "superfood spotlight" from Chalkboard Magazine, and a summary on this superfood can be found here: Acupuncture Today. This formula also has a recommended dosage that is half of the original formula we carried--10 small pills instead of 20.

Gluten-free. Contains nuts (English walnut). Contains coloring, as the manufacturer uses color to avoid any cross contamination.

Instructions: Take 10 small pills 2-3 times each day (pills are small round pills and go down easily with water). Contains 300 pills.