Nourish Stomach - Xiang Sha Yang Wei (Acid Reflux, GERD, Bloating, Inflammation)


Xiang Sha Yang Wei Wan (also spelled Siang Sha Yang Wei and formerly known as Stomach Support on our site) is a classical formula in Chinese medicine, containing a core of herbs including citrus sinensis, pinellia root, amomum and cyperus root that relieve acid reflux, GERD, bloating, gastritis, inflammation, gastric ulcers, and flatulence.

Unlike biomedical drugs, which only suppress stomach acid but fail to treat the underlying causes, Chinese herbal medicine addresses the root of the disease, targeting the deficiency, stagnation, and inflammation which are the actual causes of reflux.

This formula first appeared in the Ming Dynasty medical reference book by Gong Tingxian, Shou Shi Bao Yuan (Achieving Longevity by Guarding the Source). Gong Tingxian was a famed physician and author who achieved prominence in 1593 after curing the severe abdominal distention of Princess Lu, the king of Lu's favorite concubine. He also gained prominence after curing infected patients during a plague epidemic in Kaifeng that other doctors were unable to treat.

Xiangsha Yangwei Wan targets inflammation (“internal heat” in Chinese medicine terms) and bloating using citrus sinensis and pogostemon, herbs with strong anti-inflammatory capabilities--citrus sinensis also relieves bloating and increases motility. Xiangsha Yangwei also includes licorice root and ginger, herbs renowned for their anti-inflammatory effects. 

Unlike other versions of this formula, ours is more balanced with the addition of Bai Kou Ren, a "qi-moving" herb which aids in stagnation and has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities. Studies show that it reduced aspirin and alcohol-induced ulcer formation by decreasing inflammatory protein levels (TNF-alpha) and their activity.

Instructions: Take 8 small pills 3x a day with warm water.

Each bottle contains 200 pills. Made in a GMP standard facility.