Ear-Eye Comfort - Yiqi Congming (Eye Strain, Floaters, Tinnitus, Dizziness, Vertigo, Migraine Headache)


Note: see instructions and note at bottom 

Ear-Eye Comfort is a highly recommended formula used to treat a variety of ear and eye related issues. This formula was created by the famous Jin dynasty doctor Li Dongyuan (1180-1251) and called Yi Qi Cong Ming Tang (also spelled Yiqi Congming), translated as “promote qi to engender good hearing and vision decoction.” In modern times, this herbal formula has been widely used for a variety of ear and eye issues. The master 20th century physician Liu Duzhou, for instance, was well-known for using this formula in the treatment of Meniere’s disease, which causes sudden bouts of vertigo and tinnitus.

Li Dongyuan, described the formula as follows: It supports eye and ear health, targeting issues “which arise due to poor dietary habits and over-exertion causing weakened digestion and absorption.” Li was the first scholar-physician to highlight the importance of gut-health in diseases of the eyes and ears. He famously stated, “When digestion is weakened, the 7 orifices of the head will become blocked.” Some 1,000 years later, Western science is now also recognizing the relation between gut health and sensory organs, with new studies highlighting the role of gut-related inflammatory and immune mechanisms contributing to diseases like Meniere’s and uveitis.   

Modern clinical research on Yi Qi Cong Ming Tang has also confirmed its efficacy in a number of diseases. A 2021 meta-analysis of 12 randomized controlled trials, published in the Chinese Journal of Ethnomedicine and Ethnopharmacy, found Yi Qi Cong Ming Tang to be consistently more effective than Western medical interventions in the treatment of dizziness/vertigo, while in a Tianjin hospital study of patients with tinnitus from 2015-2017, the formula was found to have an 89.19% effectiveness rate. 

Part of Yi Qi Cong Ming Tang’s effectiveness invariably stems from its principal herb, the powerhouse adaptogen Astragalus membranaceus or Huang Qi. Huang Qi is a powerful tonic for the digestive system: in a 2020 animal study, it was found to repair the gut after antibiotic use, adjust gut microbiota and increase SCFA levels (which provide energy to the epithelial cells of the gut).  Aside from improving digestion and absorption which indirectly improve eye and ear related issues, Huang Qi has also been proven to regulate the immune system and reduce inflammation while also protecting the heart and improving circulation. Inflammation and poor circulation can cause havoc on the fine structures of the ears and eyes, leading to increased eye strain, floaters and even dizziness. Huang Qi, along with the other herbs in this formula, restore the integrity of the gut, regulate immunity and inflammatory response, and improve circulation to restore function in the eyes and ears.

As with all Chinese medical formulas, Yi Qi Cong Ming Tang was designed with a particular constitution in mind. In this case, those who experience dizziness, tinnitus, eye floaters and eye strain in the context of overall lethargy, poor digestion and weak appetite will find the most success with this formula.

Instructions: Take 2 packets per day swallowed with water (each box contains 12 packets, enough for 6 days). These are pills are small, and are designed to be easy to swallow and easy to dissolve in the stomach. They are not meant to be dissolved.

Note: We recommend taking this at the full dosage for at least 3-4 weeks, and then as-needed for any flare-ups. Those with conditions such as floaters may notice a difference more quickly, while more severe conditions (such as tinnitus) may require a longer dosage to resolve. In the 2015 Tianjin Hospital tinnitus study, patients were administered this formula for 6 weeks before the formula was evaluated for effectiveness. If your tinnitus was triggered by stress, insomnia, and/or overwork, Jia Wei Xiao Yao would be a more suitable formula.

Contraindications: Because one of the active herbs can stimulate the immune system, this is not recommended for those taking drugs which suppress the immune system, cyclophosphamide, or corticosteroids. Do not take if you are on Lithium drugs. We always recommend inquiring with your doctor if you are on medication or have a preexisting medical condition.