Fufang Banlangen - Isatis Root - (Colds, Fever, GI, Tonsillitis, Sore Throat)


Banlangen granules, by Ge Xian Weng.

A household staple in Chinese households, this is the most recommended anti-viral herb for colds in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is popularly used both to prevent and reduce the severity of the common cold, as well as other viral infections.

Banlangen, also known as Isatis root in English, is one of the most studied herbs in Chinese medicine, with numerous clinical studies demonstrating its ability to inhibit virus absorption to the host cells—it plays a role in directly killing pathogenic viruses and regulates the immune system to enhance anti-virus ability.

Each pack contains 15 packets that are added to water resulting in a delicious instant herbal tea that's lightly sweetened. Caffeine-free.

Vegan and free of artificial colorings.

Instructions: 3-4x a day, mix half to 1 packet with boiled water, then drink. Take at the first sign of symptoms, or as needed to boost immunity.

Ingredients: Folium Isatidis, Radix Isatidis (Leaf and Root of isatidis), Herba Tarxaci, Herba Violae, Cane Sugar

Contraindications: Diabetics may want to avoid as this product contains sugar.