Herbal Foot Bath Soaks - 24 Whole Herbs (10-30 Sachets)


Taking in a nightly foot soak is an essential part of Chinese wellness culture, and this is our favorite Chinese herbal foot bath soak with 24 anti-inflammatory, cold-dispelling, and circulation-promoting herbs. Unlike most herbal foot soaks on the market which use powdered herbs, this uses high-quality whole raw herbs for a stronger effect. 

Each sachet includes mugwort, safflower, motherwort, mulberry branch, Chinese cinnamon, ligustrum lucidum, Sichuan pepper, cypress shell, Herba striata, perilla, Albizia bark, chestnut leaves, camphor, tangerine peel, Pueraria lobata, Sichuan lovage root, Codonopsis, Niu Teng, Wangbuliu, Duhuo, Sophora flavescens, and mineral salts.

30 gram sachets.


1. Using 1-3 sachets, boil (or soak in boiling water) in a small pot for 5-10 minutes until the liquid turns dark

2. Pour into a foot bath basin and add additional warm water until hot to the touch. Add more cold water if necessary. Temperature should be around 100-104 degrees. If you have problems gauging temperature, use a thermometer.

3. Soak your feet nightly for 20-30 minutes each time until there is a slight sweat on the forehead

4. Throw out sachet or cut open the sachet and compost the herbal contents

Do not use 30 minutes before or after meals. This product is for external use and should not be taken orally. Pregnant women, those with allergies to any of these ingredients, and those with severe heart failure or myocardial infarction should avoid

Storage conditions: Store in a cool and dry place

Shelf life: 3 years