He Shou Wu Extract Shampoo (Hair Growth & Grays Prevention)


He Shou Wu extract shampoo helps induce hair growth, nourishes the hair, and improves manageability. It also guards against the formation of gray hair and reduces greasy hair. This formula lathers well and has a pleasant scent!

A 2011 study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmocology showed that He Shou Wu (polygonum multiflorum) extract when applied topically induces hair growth of resting hair cells, with increase in both the number and the size of hair follicles. A 2020 study showed that the herb accomplishes this by elongating the anagen growth phase of hair cells and abrogating the effects of androgen (which result in hair follicle miniaturization). Another study showed that He Shou Wu has a positive effect on delaying the onset of gray hair.

Instructions: Wet the hair and evenly distribute shampoo throughout the hair and into scalp, working into a lather. Leave on for a few minutes. Rinse out thoroughly. 

400 mL (13.53 fl oz)

(Note that the shampoo we currently stock is the one we had originally and is the bottle in the main photo. The one we stocked for some time with the blue graphic in the front is out of stock. Both are from the same brand and manufacturer and have the same active ingredient, He Shou Wu (polygonum multiflorum) but have slightly different smells, as the blue graphic bottle is floral scented and the original bottle is natural herb scented.