Hemorrhoids Support - Hua Zhi Ling


Also known as Fargelin Pills, this is an all-natural formula for hemorrhoids and is used to promote anal health.

This extra-strength formula contains a variety of herbs as well as realgar, an arsenical mineral that's been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for 2,000 years both internally and externally to treat abscesses and swelling (it's also an FDA approved treatment for certain cancers and has shown positive results in treating HPV-positive cervical cells). While it is considered relatively safe in Traditional Chinese Medicine due to the poor solubility of mineral arsenicals by the human body, long-term use should be avoided.

Active Ingredients:
Coptis Chinensis
Panax notoginseng root
Rhus Chinensis Whole
Pomegranate bark
Tetraarsenic Tetrasulfide (Realgar)
Styphnolobium japonicum flower
Prunus mume fruit
Terminalia chebula fruit

Instructions: Take 6 tablets 3x a day with cool water.