Fuping Jujubes from Taihang Mountain Ancient Trees


We searched for 3 years to find the best jujubes in the world, and we’ve found them: premium Fuping jujubes from Taihang Mountain’s thousand year ancient jujube orchard. 

Jujubes are a superfood fruit used medicinally in TCM for their ability to relieve anxiety, stress, and sleeplessness. They also are prized for their ability to improve skin, lower blood pressure, and fight cancer. They are rich in potassium, polysaccharides, saponins, and flavonoids.

If you’ve never tried premium Fuping jujubes, they are unlike any jujube out there! In a 2017 study of jujube varieties to determine the most aromatic and flavorful varietal to use in high-end jujube brandy, Fuping jujubes ranked first.

The locals in the area call these "oil jujubes.” When ripened and dried, these medicinal fruits are large and plump with a dark but bright red peel, thin skin but thick flesh, and high in natural sugars. The fruit is fine and tight, sweet in the mouth, and the aftertaste is mellow. It does not have the dry and hard feeling of ordinary jujubes, or require excessive chewing. 

Our Fuping jujubes are grown in the Taihang Mountains, a clean and pollution-free protected mountainous area, and are grown with local natural mountain spring water.

Jujubes are a stone fruit and have a small pit inside. However, unlike ordinary jujubes which have large pits that comprise 1/5 of the entire fruit, these have a very small pit (17:1 ratio of flesh to pit).

Instructions: These jujubes are ready to eat out of the bag—we recommend eating 2-3 jujube a day, and no more than 5 a day, as jujube is known to be “heat-y” and eating too many can result in too much heat in the body. They can also be made into a tea by soaking in boiling water.