Liu Wei Di Huang - Rehmanni Six (Yin Deficiency) with Shu Di Huang


The number one choice for Yin deficiency in Chinese medicine, Liu Wei Di Huang (also known as Rehmanni or Rehmannia Six) was first formulated during the early 12th century by the famous pediatrician Qian Yi.  Originally developed to promote healthy development in children, Rehmanni Six is now primarily used by adults and is one of the most popular classical TCM formulas today. In China, it is prescribed for a wide range of preventive health applications.

This all-herbal formula is used to reduce symptoms of Yin deficiency, including feeling over-heated, constant dryness throughout the body, mental irritation or anxiety, light-headedness, night sweats, and insomnia. It can also include nocturnal emission in men and excessive discharge in women.  This formula is also useful for those who have an overactive sexual drive--imbalances such as Yin deficiency may cause an eruption of heat, libido, and other types of over-activity. This formula is also recommended for tinnitus if accompanied by the above symptoms.

Many of the positive effects of Liu Wei Di Huang derive from its principal herb, the powerful adaptogen Shu Di Huang or rehmannia radix preparata. Rehmannia has been shown to boost immunity, increase brain function, exert hepatoprotective effects, and regulate blood sugar. This adaptogen is also considered an important mood-regulating drug with a long history of use in psychological disorders and recent research pointing to its pronounced anxiolytic effects.

Historically, this formula was popular for treating inability to focus, and Shu Di Huang is the most prescribed herb in Chinese medicine for ADHD. Recent animal studies specifically on ADHD showed that Shu Di Huang/its active ingredient improved spatial learning and memory, attenuated hyperactivity and impulsiveness, improved learning and memory following thalamic arcuate nucleus injury, and exhibited antidepressant effects.

Contraindicated during early stages of acute illnesses, such as cold or flu.

Vegan and free of artificial colorings.

Instructions: Take 8 small round pills 3x per day. Contains 200 pills.