Flower Body Gua Sha Massage Tool


Note: our regular flower gua sha tools are sold out but we have made a number of slightly cosmetically imperfect flower gua sha tools available at a discounted price.

This was a favorite from our personal collection that became one of our most-requested items by practitioners--now available! Lotus flower-shaped gua sha massage tool designed for the body. This is a weighted gua sha or massage tool ideal for the neck, back, thighs, legs, and gluteal muscles.

Unlike thinner gua sha tools which easily tire the hand especially after repeat scrapings, the shape and weight of this lotus flower tool make it supremely comfortable to hold and use on yourself or others, and even after extended massaging or scraping.

Material: Jade, ceramic. Note that the ceramic flower shape is hand-applied; some minor asymmetry and variations in appearance may occur.

Please make sure to use a massage oil while using this gua sha tool, such as our Mugwort Gua Sha Oil.