Pee-Pee Boy Tea Pet


The Pee-Pee Boy is a tea pet made of clay with an impressive technology: they “pee” out a stream of water when the temperature of water poured above is hot enough for making tea. Likely dating back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD), the Pee-Pee Boy is also surmised by researchers to be the world’s oldest thermometer, pre-dating Galileo’s thermoscope by several hundred years!

When hot water is poured over the Pee-Pee Boy, the air inside expands, increasing pressure, which then forces the internal water out. The hotter the water poured over the head, the more expansion there is (and the farther the Pee-Pee Boy’s “pee” stream).

INSTRUCTIONS: To see these thermodynamics in action, pour boiling water over the Pee-Pee Boy, pour out the hot water, then fully submerge in cool water for at least 10 minutes (with some even suggesting an hour). Remove from water, stand the Pee-Pee Boy upright and pour boiling water on top of its head. A stream of water should emerge from the Pee-Pee Boy’s member.

Available in 4 designs, or as a free gift with purchase for orders over $60 USD.