San Qi - Radix Notoginseng Tablets (Injury Healing, Heart Health, Circulation)


A formula to support injury healing, circulation, and heart and blood vessel health. The main ingredient in these tablets is San Qi, also known as Panax pseudoginseng or Radix notoginseng, the most important military herbal medicine in ancient China, well-known for its ability to heal wounds, bruises, contusions, sprains, broken bones, and hemorrhaging--an in vivo study showed San Qi can heal wounds 1.5x faster.

San Qi has been shown in numerous studies to significantly reduce healing time—its saponins can dilate blood vessels, improve blood circulation, reduce blood viscosity, and have the effect of promoting blood circulation. It also promotes the proliferation of bone marrow cells and increases the number & activity of bone marrow red blood cells.

While many take San Qi for injury or post-surgery recovery, it is also taken more regularly for its ability to support overall health. This formula also includes superfood fruit Hawthorn and Dan Shen. Both are frequently combined with San Qi to help improve blood circulation and heart health.

Instructions: Take 3 tablets twice a day (6 total) with warm or room temperature water.

Do not take if you are on Warfarin or blood thinners.