Shoulder Support - Jian Zhou Yan (Shoulder Tension & Pain, Frozen Shoulder)


A powerful herbal formula that heals and relaxes the joints and muscles of the shoulder, useful in the treatment of shoulder tightness, soreness and pain, arthritis, frozen shoulder, scapulohumeral periarthritis, and lumbago.

One of the main ingredients is Piper Kadsura, an herb that has a clear inhibitory effect on platelet activating factor and a notable anti-inflammatory effect. Piper Kadsura has been used in traditional medicine for rheumatism, with no toxic side effects found.

Another main ingredient, Morus Alba stem, was prized by Qin Jingming, a well-known traditional Chinese medicine physician in the Ming Dynasty, who noted the herb’s ability to dispel the stagnation of dampness and numbness, and reduce pain. Clinical studies  show that Morus Alba stem decoction plus massage treatment had an effective rate of 94.1% in treating rheumatic arthralgia-type frozen shoulder, while a control group receiving only massage treatment had a 66.7% cure rate—a significant improvement in outcomes for the Morus Alba group.

Vegan and gluten-free. Made in USA.

Each bottle contains 120 small round pills. 

Instructions: Take 5 pills 2-3x a day. These pills are small and go down easily with water.