Sleep Easy - Shui Di An (Insomnia)


An all-natural alternative to Ambien. Many users report after a few days of use that this is the best natural sleep aid they've found. This formula contains a variety of adaptogenic herbs that help the body counteract stress, including schisandra, jujube, atractylodes, and poria mushroom. Unlike most formulas, this formula also uses real ginseng instead of the less expensive conodopsis root which is often used as a ginseng substitute.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine approach to insomnia is different from the Western one--instead of sedatives that cloud the mind, the Asian approach is much more multi-faceted to treat what TCM practitioners believe to be the root causes of insomnia. It contains herbs that counteract stress, ease troubled emotions, improve digestion and circulation, and enhance vitality.

The complexity of Traditional Chinese Medicine theory lies in the notion that the body and mind are connected in ways we can barely comprehend. According to TCM theory, worry and troubled emotions (stress) often manifest themselves in the digestive system--thus, improving digestion and absorption allows our body to focus on overcoming the sources of our stress.

Vegan and GMP-certified.

Instructions: Take 2 capsules with cool water before bedtime.