Swan Neck Tea Pot - Heat Resistant Glass Kettle


This unique, hand-made tea pot is modeled after a Song Dynasty design, and can be used for both hot tea steeping as well as cold-brewing tea. Its slim-mouth design also offers an unusual way to make tea oranges, and its narrow swan neck acts as a strainer to keep most whole-leaf tea inside the kettle. (We only have a stock of 25, so these won’t last long!)

It is made of borosilicate glass, which is lead-free and can withstand temperatures from -50℉ to 300℉. The tea pot is dishwasher and stovetop safe, although we recommend keeping heat settings at medium-low. Unlike most sellers of teapots, we ship from within the US.

To clean, simply wash in the sink after using.

A set with 4 borosilicate glass cups (small tea cups with handles) is also available.

550 mL.