Taihe (Refreshing and Revitalizing) Medical Incense


Herbs: Liquidambar orientalis Styrax, benzoin resin, thyme, menthol, agarwood, white sandalwood,  Muxiang (aucklandia root), clove, cyperus, frankincense, clove, Piper longum, atractylodes, Terminalia chebula. Unlike most incense on the market, ours is made from pure herbs and resins, and contain no synthetic fragrances, additives, or bamboo/charcoal stick underneath.

Taihe is based on a modified version of Song Dynasty pharmacologist Su Dongpo's fragrant herbal medicine formula, Su Hexiang Pills. This incense is predominantly derived from solid resins such as liquidambar orientalis and benzoin, which combined with aromatic herbs, create a highly refreshing combination to revitalize the mind and body.

This recipe uses styrax, benzoin, thyme, and menthol as leading herbs to open up and refresh the mind. It also utilizes agarwood and white sandalwood to promote qi and relieve pain, and disperse cold and fogginess. Muxiang (aucklandia root) and cyperus regulate qi and relieve low spirits, and additionally, harmonize the stomach. Frankincense, clove, and Piper longum are used as ministerial herbs to cool and relieve pain. Atractylodes removes dampness; while Terminalia chebula is warming and astringent. Together, they form an herbal formula which is fragrant and resuscitating, promoting qi and calming the nerves.