Tanghulu - Traditional Hawthorn Fruit Snack (Freeze-Dried)


Tanghulu are a traditional food found all over China and one of the most delicious snacks in Chinese cuisine! These “Bing Tanghulu” are made of freeze-dried hawthorn berry, a superfood fruit, coated in a thin layer of crunchy sugar. 

Tanghulu are usually made with fresh hawthorn on a stick, and are impossible to find outside of Chinese speaking countries. While there are some frozen versions now available in the US, these freeze-dried ones are superior and have an authentic taste just like the traditional snack.

Hawthorn is one of the most frequently recommended traditional Chinese medicine remedies for fat reduction and digestive issues, and are the main ingredient in several of our best-selling formulas.

125 grams per bag. Each bag contains approximately 16-18 individually wrapped and pitted hawthorn fruit snacks sprinkled with sesame seeds. Note: occasionally a hawthorn berry may not have all its seeds removed.

Instructions: Best if placed in freezer at least for 30 minutes prior to eating for best texture.