Touku Wan - Joint Comfort Formula (Arthritis, Joint Pain)


An excellent and highly-recommended herbal formula for joint and bone health, including rheumatism, arthritis, and lower back pain. Includes a variety of herbs that reduce inflammation, expedite joint and bone healing, and relieve joint pain. Touku Natural Herbal Rheumatism Pill (Revitalizing and Bone Penetrating Pill) helps treat joint weakness and stiffness, due to blood stagnation and potential depletion of qi and blood, in Chinese medical terms. Although fairly strong in blood-activating herbs, it is a balanced formula suitable for long-term use to prevent joint stiffness and soreness.

Touku Wan is a complex formula employing many herbs, in which the first class of herbs mainly draws on the ancient concept of nourishing Yin and tonifying the kidneys, and strengthening the muscles and bones, derived from the famous ancient prescriptions “Tonifying blood with four substances decoction” and “The Decoction of Four Noble Drugs for Tonifying Qi”. The primary representative medicine, Red Ginseng, promotes sweating, increases urination, and relieves nerve and arthritic pain. The efficacy of this type of medicine in nourishing the vital organs, entering the five internal organs, and opening up the qi, blood, and tendons have been documented since 1148 AD.

The second class of ingredients can regulate the immune system, central nervous system, circulatory system, and urinary system and enhance the function of adrenal glands, which originated from the famous Tang Dynasty doctor “Suan Zhong Fang”.  The medicine, Eucommia bark, treats joint pain and strengthens tendons and bones, which is recorded in the earliest record of Chinese herbal medicine, “The Classic of Shennong Hundred Herbs”.

The third category is the medicine to remove blood stasis and stop bleeding, activate blood circulation to relieve pain and eliminate swelling, represented by San Qi, or Panax pseudoginseng, one of the most prized herbs in Chinese medicine according to revered physician Li Shizhen, with the reputation of being “the first top Chinese medicine to activate blood” as well as the number one military medicine since ancient times. In a clinical study involving various diseases from 2013 to 2017, the efficacy of San Qi in stopping bleeding, invigorating blood circulation, and improving vascular permeability was 97.8%. It was concluded that San Qi has few side effects, good safety, and high medicinal value, with the researchers recommending the promoting of its use.

Note that some versions of this formulas, with similar packaging, include an herb that can have negative side effects. The version of this formula we stock does not contain this herb.

Safe for long term use. Full list of ingredients is available in the second image.

Take up to 8 pills twice a day with warm water.