Ginger Tea Paste w/ Jujube & Goji - 3 jars


10/6 update: This product is homemade every few weeks in small batches and sells out frequently. A new match is currently being made which will ship out next week.

Homemade small-batch 72-hour traditional ginger tea paste made with whole fresh ginger, jujube, goji berry, and black sugar—the longer the cooking time, the more concentrated the batch. A well-known immunity-boosting, inflammation-reducing, and anti-aging tonic according to Chinese medicine. It is a nourishing drink for everyday consumption, with fat-burning, pain-reducing, and anti-nausea benefits as well.

4 oz. glass jar (about 20-25 servings), vacuum-sealed to last up to a year unopened. Opened jars should be refrigerated and will last 3-4 months.

Smaller batches prepared with pieces of whole (not powdered) Reishi mushroom, Cordyceps, and Astragalus added during the cooking process, are available as well.