Medicinal Herbal Resin on Sheepskin Gou Pi Plaster (joint & muscle pain and injuries)


The strongest Traditional Chinese Medicine remedy for joint and muscle injuries, arthritis, and lower back pain--and reusable! This thousand year-old herbal formula is comprised of a medicinal paste spread onto a piece of sheepskin leather that is reusable and moldable to the body.

This is a traditional plaster used in Chinese medicine to promote healing and circulation, especially to old injuries. Note: while other companies may sell plasters also called Gou Pi Gao (Kou Pi Kao in Cantonese), this one is from the only brand that still makes the reusable leather version: Tong Ren Tang.

Instructions: Use for 10 minutes at a time up to 3x per day. To use, heat with a blowdryer on high, or in a pan on low heat, let cool slightly until just warm to the touch, and apply to clean skin (it may be hot so be careful!). We strongly suggest using a blowdryer as heating on a pan can easily create accidental burning of the leather. To make sure skin is clean before applying, you can clean the area with alcohol or a piece of ginger. There may be some sticky residue after using, which you can remove with oil and a towel, or simply heat the plaster up again and press it onto the residue to remove. If you have sensitive skin, please spot-check before using. Note: If you have hair in the spot you are treating, you may want to shave it off for ease of use.

Contains 1 reusable sheepskin plaster. Plasters are infinitely reusable until they lose their stickiness—you can extend stickiness and usability by cleaning skin before each use to limit amount of debris that comes into contact with the resin.

Do not use if pregnant.

Ingredients: aromatic oil, Radix Angelica Sinensis, Correx Cinnamomi, Rhizoma et Radix Notopterygii, Myrrha, Fructus Chaenomelis Lagenariage, Rhizoma Alpiniae Officinarum, Lignum Pini Nodi, Lignum Sappan, Asafoetida