Yufeng (Dispel Cold) Medical Incense


Herbs: Perilla, cyperus, bergamot, Muxiang (aucklandia root), Chen Pi (aged tangerine peel). Unlike most incense on the market, ours is made from pure herbs and contain no synthetic fragrances, additives, or bamboo/charcoal stick underneath

Yufeng is primarily features traditional Chinese medicinal herbs perilla and cyperus, supplemented by other natural herbs including bergamot, muxiang (aucklandia root), and Chen Pi (aged tangerine peel).  The function of this incense recipe is to relieve the exterior and dispel cold, regulate qi and harmonize the middle, and circulate qi and harmonize the stomach. As recorded in the Huangdi Neijing, a fundamental Chinese medicine text written circa 200 BC, “Diseases develop from Wind,” and this herbal recipe was developed around this tenet. This incense is ideal for burning during the season when cold, influenza, and other infectious diseases occur frequently. Suitable for home use in all seasons.

Modern medicine often considers medicine as a substance to be swallowed. However, since ancient times, both in Eastern and Western medicine, medical recipes were not only decoctions to be taken directly orally--patients also improved their condition by the intake of the fragrance of medicine. This method was referred to as "taking qi" in traditional Chinese medical terms. Western historical sources also illuminated that European medical incense ingredients sometimes overlapped with traditional Chinese medical incense ingredients, with herbs such as myrrh, styrax, frankincense, and spikenard appearing both in the West and East, as seen in the Codex Sangallensis, a 9th century collection of medical texts housed in St. Gallen, Switzerland, which include incense among its medical recipes.