Zhang Ping Shui Xian: Water Sprite Oolong Tea Pillow (6 pack)


A rare and unusual oolong tea from the small village of Zhang Ping, in Fujian province. This cultivar of tea undergoes a roasting process to achieve a complex, flavorful, and layered tea with a strong floral note of honey and Narcissus flower (Shui Xian), also known as Water Sprite. ZPSX is considered a naturally sweet tea, and is sometimes described as “creamy.”

Each pillow has upwards of 20 steeps of tea and has an aromatic and smooth taste (tea pillow is 10g and can also be broken into two smaller pieces if making less tea).

Grown in the Wu Yi Mountains at an elevation of 800m and hand-picked from mature tea trees.

It has a lower caffeine level, about half of a cup of coffee, which make it a great choice for drinking late into the day.

Packaged in sealed gold foil packets.


  1. Remove gold foil wrapping
  2. Place your tea brick into a cup, then pour boiling water directly over the tea. Allow the tea to steep for 2-3 minutes maximum, with an additional 30 seconds per extra steep
  3. Strain leaves and enjoy 

Note: You can repeat the above steps up to 20 infusions and steep many cups of tea from one tea pillow.