Zisha Tea Mug with Lid and Strainer/Infuser


This is a Zisha (purple clay) tea mug covered with gold dragons to bring luck to the tea drinker. Many tea connoisseurs would say that zisha tea ware are an indispensable item for the tea drinker.

Pu’er tea is traditionally enjoyed in Zisha tea ware, a premium material with excellent absorption, which takes on the taste of the tea leaves over time. The longer you use it, the better it is, as more of the tea aroma will be absorbed. (Due to this reason, the mug should only be used for tea or water, and not combined with coffee or other flavored beverages.)

This 10 oz. tea mug consists of three parts: a mug, a strainer/infuser, and a lid that doubles as a holder for the strainer when flipped over.

Made and sourced in Sichuan, a region renown for high quality Zisha.


1. Place the strainer into the mug and add Pu’er tea.

2. Pour hot water slowly into the strainer until it fully submerges the tea.

3. Cover with the lid and let tea sit for about one minute.

4. Remove lid and turn it over, then slowly remove the strainer over the mug until dry. Move strainer onto the lid/holder to avoid over-steeping of tea.

5. To re-brew tea leaves, simply put the strainer back into the cup and repeat the above steps using freshly heated water.

6. Zisha tea ware is traditionally cleaned with only water. When finished drinking, throw the leaves away and rinse the pieces with hot water.