Tibetan Loong Air Tea (Loong Disorder)


Hand-crafted by our friends at Lo-Kunphen Traditional Medical School. Lo-Kunphen medical Loong tea is formulated from fresh and pure natural herbs in accordance with the Tibetan medical text. It helps to pacify the various problems aggravated by Loong disorder such as degeneration of physical complexion and vitality, upper and lower back pain, mental instability, anger, insomnia due to excessive thinking, and/or irregular sleep. Also recommended to consume after heavy blood loss, acute diarrhea, and vomiting.

Contains 14 tea bags.

Ingredients: Rosa bronunii, Carum carvi, Myristica fragrans, illicium verum, and Piper longum.

Directions: Generally recommended to be used in the evening after a hectic day. However, it can be consumed anytime the above signs and symptoms appear. Pour hot water onto the teabag. Infuse for few minutes till you get desired rich color and aroma. Traditionally consumed on its own, or with molasses or salt.

We purchase this tea directly from Lo-Kunphen Traditional Medical School, an accredited school which provides free education for the children of the poorest families in this remote region in the Himalayas. Prior to age 14, students have a standard education, but at age 14, the students are offered the option to pursue traditional Tibetan medicine training, learning herbal medicine. Lo-Kunphen also has a manufacturing arm that produces herbal medicine and medical incense, and proceeds of sales of their products go directly to support the students’ education. We also stock their medical incense.