Tibetan Peace of Mind Medical Incense


Hand-crafted by our friends at Lo-Kunphen Traditional Medical School. This traditional Tibetan incense is made of 31 varieties of medicinal ingredients. It has many curative properties to relieve symptoms of insomnia, giddiness, and shivering. It promotes purification of mind, spirit, and body, a healthy immune system, and can help dispel pains arising from nervous disorders. 100% organic.

We purchase this incense directly from Lo-Kunphen Traditional Medical School, an accredited school which provides free education for the children of the poorest families in this remote region in the Himalayas. Prior to age 14, students have a standard education, but at age 14, the students are offered the option to pursue traditional Tibetan medicine training, learning herbal medicine. Lo-Kunphen also has a manufacturing arm that produces herbal medicine and medical incense, and proceeds of sales of their products go directly to support the students’ education. We also stock their herbal tea.

Modern medicine often considers medicine as a substance to be swallowed. However, since ancient times, both in Eastern and Western medicine, medical recipes were not only decoctions to be taken directly orally--patients also improved their condition by the intake of the fragrance of medicine. This method was referred to as "taking qi" in traditional Chinese medical terms. Western historical sources also illuminated that European medical incense ingredients sometimes overlapped with traditional Chinese medical incense ingredients, with herbs such as myrrh, styrax, frankincense, and spikenard appearing both in the West and East, as seen in the Codex Sangallensis, a 9th century collection of medical texts housed in St. Gallen, Switzerland, which include incense among its medical recipes.