2022 Chinese Astrological Wellness Outlook 🐅

Our wellness outlook for 2022 combines classical commentaries with modern commentary by Taiwanese scholar-physician Chen Xinhong, former director of the Chinese Medical Division of Chang Gung Hospital

This year, the “yun” (movement) is called “excess wood” and will be more influential than the six qi this year. According to the most revered classical commentary on this topic by Tang Dynasty scholar Wang Bing (710-805 A.D.), this energy makes people more prone to emotional upset, anxiety and anger. Wood also suppresses earth, which is related to the digestive system, so the energy of this year may also make people more liable to develop G.I. symptoms

Amidst the stress caused by the pandemic, it would be wise to focus on mental health and ground ourselves in mindfulness, exercise, quality time with friends and family, and whatever else lends comfort and happiness. Eat slowly, practice gratitude for your food, and keep a positive atmosphere around the dinner table

Emotional issues can often lead to indigestion, so this year we should try to be mindful when eating. Stay away from overly greasy or spicy foods that might lead to indigestion. Teas which calm indigestion, including chamomile and Pu’er (particularly our Pu’er tea oranges, which have the added benefit of citrus peel, a remedy for indigestion), emerge as choice medicinals for the new year

The six qi climatic energy for the first half of this year is Lesser Yang Fire. In Chinese medicine, it is believed that this energy makes people prone to respiratory and skin conditions like rhinitis, cough, and hives, while the weather will be characterized by a hotter climate and high winds.

The classics recommend eating cool, salty foods to counteract the energetic dynamic of this spring season—examples include clams, mussels and other mollusks. We can also set an intention to spend more time in the clean, nourishing airs of forests and wooded areas to cleanse and replenish the respiratory system. (Full year outlook will be sent in our newsletter)

What do you think of these wellness predictions for 2022? 🧧